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Labour MP gets absolutely castigated after declaring he will vote FOR Theresa May’s Brexit deal

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A Labour MP has been utterly excoriated by Labour members and supporters, with many calling for him to be deselected, after announcing on Twitter that he has decided to essentially prop up Theresa May’s minority Tory government by voting in favour of her Brexit deal later on today.

Kevin Barron, the Labour MP for Rother Valley, announced on Twitter that he would be voting alongside the Tories to support Theresa May’s Brexit widely-criticised withdrawal bill.

Accompanying Barron’s tweet was a link to an article he had written for the Murdoch-owned newspaper, The Times, explaining his decision to rebel against his own party.

In the article, Barron writes that whilst Theresa May’s deal was “not perfect“, he did not want to “disrespect [his] constituents by needlessly trying to block Brexit“, before adding:

“there was never going to be a perfect deal that would solve all of the problems and worries that people from across the political spectrum have.”

“My reservations about the deal are far outweighed by the huge risk of a no-deal Brexit, which would cause devastation for many in this country.”

[…] I know it will disappoint many within my party but I will be voting in support of the prime minister’s deal on Tuesday as that is the only option on the table that truly enacts the promises that I made to my constituents and avoids the horror of a no-deal Brexit.”

Despite the Labour MP’s attempts to explain his decision to support the Tories tonight, a huge number of Labour members and supporters vented their rage and disgust in replies to his tweet.

Barron’s decision was so unpopular that his tweet somehow managed to gain more than 25 comments for every retweet – a Twitter phenomenon, which is widely associated with hugely unpopular tweets, known as being ‘ratioed’.

Below are just a selection of the more than 1,600 – almost unanimously negative – responses to his tweet:





Barron has since responded by labelling those who are angry at him for voting alongside the Tories as ‘trolls’:

Only a small number of Labour MPs, including Brexiteer John Mann and Kevin Barron, are expected to support Theresa May’s Brexit withdrawal bill later on today.

Should Labour MPs do so, it is almost certain that they will face the prospect of deselection from their local constituency parties.

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