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Labour now lead Tories by 8 points as Corbyn sees his party’s poll numbers double in just 12 weeks

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YouGov, one of the only pollsters to come close to predicting the outcome of the general election, has released a poll giving the Labour Party an 8 point lead over the Conservatives.

This latest poll means that Jeremy Corbyn’s party are now polling twice as high as they were 12 weeks ago.

It seems that Corbyn’s tactic of touring Tory marginal seats and being on “permanent campaign footing” is paying off, as more and more voters continue to switch from the Conservatives to Labour.

Theresa May is currently barely clinging to power, propper up with the support of the DUP, and recent polls are no suggesting that very few Britons are still being taken in by her outright lies and pathetic attempts at manipulation of the media.

Even Tory MPs themselves are plotting to get rid of her, but they find themselves in the awkward position of having absolutely no one left who is popular enough to replace her.

Britain has now entered phase two of Jeremy Corbyn’s bid to become Prime Minister. The general election was just the beginning.

Labour will continue to rise in the polls and the party membership will continue to grow until Theresa May and the Tories have nowhere left to run. This government will fall, and with it, the neoliberal ideology that has infected our politics for decades.

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