Labour Purge: Corbyn-backing elected Councillor suspended for ‘being rude at a meeting’

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As the latest Labour Leadership election nears its conclusion, the NEC – Labour’s governing body – has begun what some are calling a ‘purge’ against Corbyn-supporting members.

Over the last week we have seen new and old members suspended by the Party, all of whom have just one thing in common: they support Jeremy Corbyn.

One Labour party member was even suspended for the heinous crime of posting her adoration for American rock band, the Foo Fighters.

It’s safe to say that this latest purge has pushed the boundaries of political ridiculousness. But now Labour’s NEC may just have topped even themselves.

A sitting Labour councillor, and Jeremy Corbyn backing Labour member, Pamela Fitzpatrick has been suspended for simply ‘being rude at a meeting’.

Ms Fitzpatrick was one of a number of Labour officials who signed a letter backing Corbyn’s leadership, and she also spoke with the Labour leader at an even in Ealing last year.

Ms Fitzpatrick not only strenuously denies the allegations, she alleges that the email from the Labour party gives no details whatsoever of what meeting it refers to, or what rude behaviour she displayed.

Furthermore, the replies to her initial tweet have all been positive, with one saying ‘you’ve literally never been anything other than welcoming and kind at meetings’, and another saying Ms Fitzpatrick was ‘ a rock to us in our housing situation in 2014’.

Ms Fitzpatrick says she has not been contacted by anyone from the Labour party to establish whether the allegations made against her were true, and neither Labour’s Chief Whip nor her own CLP were told of her impending suspension.

And as one insightful Twitter user pointed out, we are yet to hear a about any Owen Smith supporters being barred from voting.

Ms Fitzpatrick says she will be appealing the decision, but it is unlikely that this new decision will be made in time for her to vote in the leadership election.

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