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Major PR firm tells big business to urgently prepare for a Corbyn Government – the results are beautiful

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Political consultancy and PR company Portland Communications are strongly advising businesses to start preparing for a Corbyn-led Labour government if they have not already done so.

A YouGov poll commissioned by Portland reveals that seventy-five percent of business leaders think that a Corbyn government could arrive within five years, with more than a third of these believing it likely.

However, a mere third are actively planning for this – with sixty percent having made no preparations at all for such an outcome.

Writing for Portland Communications, former Labour adviser Ayesha Hazarika states how a Corbyn-led government’s policies would prioritise

fighting austerity, promoting social justice and building an economy for the many not the few

There would be instant and profound investment in housing, rail, education, the NHS and Social care, with businesses and employment figures in these sectors flourishing:

Businesses will be listened to if they can speak in a tone Corbyn and his team understand, don’t have an adversarial relationship with their workforce and are not hostile to the concept of responsible capitalism

The issues for big business would include the abolition of zero hour contracts, repealing the Trade Union Act and the instigation of a National Living Wage. Although still a nascent idea, the introduction of a National Maximum Wage has also been mooted.

Labour’s flexible and financially transparent manifesto process grants “important scope for political accommodation” although unsurprisingly the focal areas for a Corbyn-led government would remain health, education and potentiating Brexit.

The relationship between big business and government would be positive in its transformative powers for the lives of workers and efficiency of public services.

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Conversely, the relationship between big business and the Tories seems to be increasingly capricious.

Pre-General Election, business behemoth JP Morgan proposed

a left of centre Government provides opportunity… Theresa May losing the general election would be good for the pound

Subsequent to the snap General Election, Jeremy Corbyn predicted his becoming Prime Minister within 6 months. With the acknowledgment of big business, this prediction took another step towards becoming reality.

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