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Media silent over Lucy Allan fake death threat scandal



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Yesterday Evolve Politics followed up an under-reported story in the Daily Mail regarding Tory MP Lucy Allan who doctored an email from one of her constituents to make it appear like a death threat.

Evolve Politics have contacted Lucy Allan directly via email and have, as yet, received no response. We have also contacted various major news and media outlets asking them if they are going to take up the story. We have received no response to any of our messages.

The bias of our mainstream media is becoming undeniable, and it is simply abhorrent. The Daily Mail published their original article but did not publicise it anywhere.

If this was a Labour MP faking a death threat from a constituent, or someone close to Jeremy Corbyn, the media would be all over it. Just look what happened to Andrew Fisher.

But, because it’s a Tory MP, they won’t touch it with a 10 foot barge pole. They don’t want to offend their paymasters now do they.

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