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Top Tory Michael Fallon admits touching journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer inappropriately as sex pest scandal deepens

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Michael Fallon, one of the most senior members of Theresa May’s Cabinet, has admitted touching radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer inappropriately during a party conference dinner.

According to The Sun, Hartley-Brewer then threatened to punch Mr. Fallon in the face if he proceeded to do it again. He has since apologised for his actions.

Hartley-Brewer’s statement on the issue can be seen below:

While Hartley-Brewer is reluctant to be seen as a victim and take part in what she perceives as a “Westminster witch hunt”, what this intention neglects is the fact that Michael Fallon is alleged to have form when it comes to questionable behaviour towards women.

In 2010, it was alleged that Fallon called author Bryony Gordon a ‘sl*t’ in what was described as a “drunken bar clash”. According to the Daily Mail:

Sources close to Mr Fallon confirmed he had been drinking and had apologised.

Blogger Tom Pride has also previously claimed that in 2013, Fallon had to be “forcibly separated from an attractive woman by a government minder at a posh party.” In this instance, Michael Fallon denied any wrongdoing.

Earlier today, Andrea Leadsom said that any MPs who commit abuse can have the whip withdrawn, and Ministers could be sacked if they are found to have acted inappropriately. We wonder if she will live up to her word.

More to follow as the sex pest scandal engulfing Westminster continues. We are sure that there are many more MPs looking over their shoulders tonight.

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