ROCK FOR CORBYN: Momentum announces music festival in support of Jeremy Corbyn

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Music fans and socialists alike will be celebrating today as Momentum Warrington announces they will be holding their second annual Rock For Corbyn festival next month.

On the 26th of August, supporters of the Labour leader are set to attend the second installment of Rock For Corbyn, a now-annual music event featuring performances from established local bands and solo artists, as well as speeches from left-wing Councillors and activists from the area.

The organisers are hoping that this event will surpass the scale of the previous festival, which saw hundreds attend to show solidarity with Jeremy during the 2016 leadership election.

Kenny Watson, secretary of Momentum Warrington, had this to say:

“Rock for Corbyn II will be the second of the music festivals in Warrington in support of Jeremy Corbyn. The first was a phenomenal success with plenty of local bands, food stalls and refreshments. Several hundred people attended over the day and evening, raising almost £1000 in support of Jeremy.


This second event is again at the Old Town House and should be even bigger and better than the first. We are hoping to make this an annual event in Warrington for socialists, music lovers and people who love a good time with great company”

Not much has been revealed about the upcoming concert, but the organisers are currently planning to build on last years success by having some high profile Labour figures in attendance, as well as continuing last years’ set-up of having two stages; one indoors for bands and an outdoor acoustic tent. The food available will include a variety of vegan options, and the bar will be open throughout the day.

You can check out the Facebook event for Rock For Corbyn II by clicking here.

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