The latest ICM poll, surveying a random sample of 1001 adults, shows Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party drawing level on 36% with the Conservatives.

Labour increased their share by four points compared to last month, whilst the Conservatives suffered a drop of three in this latest poll.

ICM point to an unprecedented level of division within the Conservative Party over Europe as the main reason for falling Tory support. ICM state that “there’s nothing worse than party disunity to prompt a polling freefall.”

The latest results will be a big boost to Jeremy Corbyn, and a huge blow to the so-called ‘moderate’ Labour MP Dan Jarvis who is rumoured to be preparing a leadership bid later this year.

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Obviously it must be stated that this poll may well be a one-off, with ICM noting that “The word ‘rogue’ is too often used in polling analysis, but in our view it is hard to believe this phone poll will escape such labelling.”

However, should polling continue to favour a resurgence in Labour Party support, it should be enough to appease those in the Labour Party unhappy with the direction the Party is headed under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

You can find the full results of the ICM poll here.

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