Police open investigation into sick Daily Mail reader who threatened to murder all 650 MPs

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Northamptonshire Police have confirmed that they have opened investigations into a Daily Mail reader who threatened to murder all 650 Westminster MPs on Saturday.

Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Simon Edens confirmed on Twitter that the force were ‘looking into’ serious threats made against all Members of Parliament on the Daily Mail website’s comment section on the weekend.

Commenting on a Brexit related article on the Daily Mail website, a person using the name Steve_Saint had replied:

The only way we will get out if (sic) the EU is if we are prepared to put 650 corpses on Westminster Green.


And everytime (sic) a political party puts a pro EU MP into the house increase the corpse count by 1.

And despite literally threatening the murder of all Britain’s democratically elected representatives, with no hint of irony, Steve_Saint went on to screech that:

I have no time for criminal undemocratic entities. If this is the future then the need for parliament is non existent and the sacrifices it demanded of the people of this country to perpetuate it over the centuries and unforgivable crime (sic?)


No is no. If parliament won’t do as its (sic) told on such a fundamental democratic issue it has no right to exist.

The disgusting comment was initially unearthed and publicised by the highly popular Twitter account, DMReporter, who asked MailOnline to investigate:

And after the post received hundreds of retweets, as well as numerous users tagging Northamptonshire police into the thread, the forces’ Chief Constable finally responded to confirm they were investigating the matter as a criminal offence:

After a huge backlash against their lack of desire to moderate the potentially terrorism-inciting comments, The Daily Mail finally decided to remove the comment from their website:

Evolve Politics have contacted Northamptonshire Police for comment. At the time of publishing, we are yet to receive a response.

Right-Wing Media Hypocrisy

During the week, numerous right-wing media outlets launched a scathing attack upon anti-hate activists, Stop Funding Hate.

Guido Fawkes accused their followers of being ‘vicious trolls‘. whilst Boris Johnson, writing in The S*n, accused the group of trying to ‘silence newspapers’ by ‘attacking the very basis of our democracy’.

This is the same Boris Johnson who was caught plotting to silence a journalist by having him beaten up:

And yes, this is the same Guido Fawkes whose owner, Paul Staines, was exposed declaring his perverse and highly illegal desire to literally gas left-wingers to death.

Despite the right-wing’s feverish and unrepentant denunciation of Stop Funding Hate (with literally no evidence of violent or undemocratic means whatsoever), both Guido and Boris appear very reluctant to denounce the Daily Mail and its readers for literally threatening to kill all 650 of our elected officials.

Surely this is the height of treason? Surely it is the absolute epitome of anti-British values – the very things the right-wng were desperate for Britain to regain in their exit from the European Union?

Yet, for some reason, both Guido and our incredulously awful Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (both of whom lobbied furiously for Brexit) seem more intent on vilifying those of us actively trying to stop hateful and clearly undemocratic acts from taking place, rather than those who are clearly inciting violent and potentially deadly acts of terrorism.

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