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Racists are seriously trying to use “science” to prove The Little Mermaid can’t be black

As you may have seen, Disney have just cast Halle Bailey, a black actress, to play Ariel in the live action remake of The Little Mermaid – and racists are, surprise surprise, seriously unhappy about it.

Yes, despite mermaids being completely mythical beings, and despite Ariel being an entirely fictitious character in a cartoon which also features a singing crab with a Jamaican accent, some people really are trying to use actual science to “prove” she could never be black.

One Twitter idiot argued that mermaids couldn’t possibly be black because they lived deep underwater, stating:

“My opinion on why mermaids are white is that they live so deep underwater that sunlight hardly reaches them, thus the lack of melanin. It doesn’t matter what ocean they’re from cos they could’ve been migrating seasonally like fishes. But maybe im thinking too much.”

Whilst another moron attempted to claim that science proves that all mermaids would actually be albino, stating:

“Mermaids live in ocean. Underwater = limited sunlight. Limited sunlight = less melanin. Less melanin = lighter skin color. Because they live underwater, which has no access to light beyond a certain depth, Ariel and every other mermaid in existence would be albino.”

Thankfully, these attempts to justify racism with extremely poorly-researched and entirely illogical science were roundly and categorically ridiculed by the vast majority:


And, unfortunately for the racists, there are also numerous underwater creatures which are indeed black, such as killer whales and anglerfish:


Furthermore, Ariel actually spends a lot of time out of the water, in the sun – a fact which is conveniently overlooked by the racists.

Remember: racists idiots are never looking to find the truth or what’s right, they’re simply looking for any reason whatsoever to try and justify their own discriminatory, white-supremacist mindset to both themselves and other people.

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