Jess Miller

Passionate about cats and education. I'm not as pathetic as that sounds.

Heck Food facing boycott after cringeworthy “Boris Banger” PR stunt backfires

Sausage makers Heck Food are facing a nationwide boycott after a PR stunt with Boris Johnson - in which the Tory leadership hopeful was helped by Heck staff to...

Racists are seriously trying to use “science” to prove The Little Mermaid can’t be black

As you may have seen, Disney have just cast Halle Bailey, a black actress, to play Ariel in the live action remake of The Little Mermaid - and racists...

If you trust Boris Johnson to deliver Brexit, you might want to read this viral thread about his time as Foreign Secretary

All the evidence shows that Boris Johnson is a liar, a cheat, a fraud, and an outright charlatan who can't be trusted to deliver on literally anything he says...

WATCH: If you think Boris Johnson would make a good Prime Minister, watch this video and think again. [VIDEO]

Boris Johnson is currently the odds on favourite to become the new leader of the Conservative Party and therefore the next Prime Minister of the UK. However, for people...

The Guardian in racism row after implying Labour may have ‘relied on Asian voters’ for Peterborough by-election victory

The supposedly progressive media outlet, The Guardian, has come in for significant criticism and allegations of racism after appearing to claim that Labour may have 'relied on Asian voters'...

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Tory Party Chairman James Cleverly accused of causing M11 crash whilst “speeding and using phone”

The newly installed Chairman of the Conservative Party, James Cleverly, has been accused of causing a collision on the M11 motorway whilst allegedly "speeding...

Jo Swinson falsely claims Corbyn “didn’t fight to remain” in Referendum – despite ‘going AWOL’ herself

The newly elected leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, has been roundly criticised on social media after falsely claiming that the Labour leader...

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn gets standing ovation after slamming media bias in passionate response to Sky journalist [VIDEO]

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn received a standing ovation during a flagship speech in Corby today when, in response to a Sky News journalist,...

Police open investigation after left-wing journalist Owen Jones ‘attacked and kicked in skull’ in ‘pre-meditated assault’

Police in Islington have opened an investigation after the Guardian journalist and left-wing commentator Owen Jones was attacked in what he has described as...

WATCH: Owen Jones eviscerates the Lib Dems for refusing to stop No Deal by backing caretaker Corbyn government [VIDEO]

The Liberal Democrats, and their new leader Jo Swinson, have encountered a monumental backlash on social media after refusing to support Labour's plans to...
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