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The S*n deletes pathetic Skwawkbox attack article and issues a humiliating retraction admitting it lied

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It has become clear over recent months that truly independent media outlets such as ourselves, The Canary and Skwawkbox are beginning to frighten the pants off the right-wing media.

Just a few years ago, publications such as The S*n and the Daily Mail dominated public opinion and held a virtual monopoly over the way the public perceived politics.

However, with the emergence of outlets such as our own – outlets that have no financial backers and absolutely no ties to big business – the right-wing media have sought to try and destroy our credibility in their usual pathetic manner: by running jumped up smears to try and tarnish our reputation.

A few weeks ago, both The Sun and The Daily Mail ran a pathetic hit-piece attack on the founder of Skwawkbox, Steve Walker.

The S*n’s piece, headlined ‘Boss of pro-Corbyn conspiracy website is entepreneur who cashed in on NHS privatisation’ attempted to label Mr Walker of being a corporate ‘tycoon’ and also said that the Skwawkbox owner ‘sells’ services to the NHS and therefore ‘profits from privatisation’ in the process.

However, the Murdoch rag has been forced to issue a grovelling retraction after realising that their accusations were in fact completely made-up.

The S*n was forced into admitting that Mr Walker’s company does not in fact ‘sell’ things to the NHS – it provides a service FOR FREE.

They also had to clarify that they were also completely wrong in their headline. The Skwawkbox owner does not benefit from NHS privatisation because the NHS organisations that use his company’s service are not privatised.

In a final humiliating climbdown, The S*n finally admitted that Mr Walker’s company does not actually profit from NHS privatisation in any way.

Why are we not surprised?

The Sun Skwawkbox Humiliating Apology

It also appears that The Sun has completely deleted their pathetic hit piece attack against Skwawbox from their website entirely.  The Sun Whoops Skwawkbox

It remains to be seen whether The Daily Mail follow suit and remove similar accusations from their own story:

MailOnline Header

Daily Mail Skwawkbox Sell

Daily Mail Skwawkbox Sell

We aim to bring you more developments on this story shortly.

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