Someone has just invented an utterly INGENIOUS way to instantly deal with Nazis and racists

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Nobody likes a Nazi. Well, that’s what everybody used to think, anyway.

However, since the election of Donald Trump in the US and Brexit in the UK, it is an undeniable fact that racists and bigots on both sides of the Atlantic have become significantly emboldened.

The United Kingdom has seen a doubling in the number of reported hate crimes in some areas since the referendum to leave the European Union. Whilst in the United States, you only have to look at the horrifying violence committed by white supremacists in Charlottesville over the weekend to realise that blatant and open racism seems to be becoming more and more acceptable.

And despite a Nazi terrorist brutally killing an innocent anti-racism protester – Heather Heyer, the US President Donald Trump could hardly bring himself to condemn the fascists responsible for the ideology and hatred that directly led to this despicable act – ridiculously equating the actions of anti-racism protestors with the racists and bigots they were protesting against. It’s little wonder that outright fascists like the KKK’s David Duke are tweeting open praise for the President after his despicable press conference.

The racists in Charlottesville, perhaps owing to outright stupidity rather than confidence, chose to march with their faces completely uncovered – a practice so naive that even the braindead morons of the KKK saw best not to do it – hiding behind the infamous white hoods instead.

However, whilst allowing for the lack of collective braincells, you cannot ignore the significant amount of confidence needed to publicly air such egregious and provocative political views.

What this brazenness goes to show, in no uncertain terms, is that those of us who want to see a fairer, kinder, more equal world, have a huge fight on our hands.

But fear not.

Because one heroic soldier of fortune has invented an absolutely masterful plan to deal with them. It’s non violent, it’s hilarious, and it will send the racist snowflakes absolutely round the bend.

So what’s the plan I hear you ask?

One word:


Take it away, geekgirlsmash:

Nazi Glitter

So the next time the Nazis come to town, we all know what time it is:

Time to make some Nazis look absolutely fabulous, darling.

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