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Someone on the official Channel Four Twitter account literally just told Piers Morgan to go f**k himself

One absolute hero in charge of the official Channel Four Twitter account just lived the dream of every right-thinking Brit – by telling the near-universally loathed Good Morning Britain host, Piers Morgan, to go f**k himself. This seriously happened.

In further tweets, the official verified Channel Four Twitter account also went on to label Morgan a “massive bellend” and the “single biggest w*nker in the history of human civilisation

Unsurprisingly the tweets quickly went viral, racking up thousands of retweets and countless more likes.

The first viral tweet from the genuine Channel Four Twitter account read:

“Dear . Hope you’re having a wonderful morning. Why don’t you go and f**k yourself.”

Another read:

“Dear . Unfortunately our lawyers wouldn’t allow us to say you’re the single biggest w*nker in the history of human civilisation. But you’re in the top 1.”

Whilst a third anti-Morgan tweet stated:

“Dear . The only thing that Brexit Leavers and Remainers agree on is that you’re a massive bellend.”

However, the tweets were not the hilarious ramblings of a soon-to-be-fired rogue employee.

They were in fact all part of the hashtag #SU2CRewards – a campaign by Cancer Research UK, in conjunction with Channel Four, to raise awareness of the annual fundraising campaign, Stand Up To Cancer (@SU2C).

The SU2C campaign describes itself as an event to bring “the UK together to speed up progress in life-saving cancer research” – and their hilarious mockery of Piers Morgan was clearly something that nearly all Brits can agree on.

Channel Four are currently offering to tweet people’s suggestions in exchange for donations to Stand Up to Cancer:


Beginning at 19:00 tonight, Channel Four will be running an evening of programming – including Celebrity Gogglebox and Celebrity First Dates – dedicated to raising awareness of the Stand Up To Cancer campaign.

You can donate to Stand Up To Cancer here.

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