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British government silent as Spanish state crushes democracy by seizing millions of ballot papers in Catalonia

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The proposed October 1 referendum for Catalan independence is being ruthlessly undermined by the Spanish government

Gargantuan rallies are taking place in Spain’s second largest city, as well as demonstrations being held in towns and cities across the country. Spanish authorities are accused of seizing ten million ballot papers, whilst military personnel have been deployed onto the streets of Barcelona.

Tens of thousands have gathered in front of Catalonia’s high court to demand the release of high-ranking Catalan officials who are being detained as political prisoners, whilst Catalan alternative unions have called a general strike to commence October 3.

The Spanish Ministry of Finance has blocked all bank accounts of the Catalan government, with Spanish PM Rajoy threatening independence supporters and accusing Catalan leaders of disloyalty.

In an expression of solidarity with the Catalan cause, supporters of Scottish independence – backed by former MSP Alex Salmond – are holding rallies in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, whilst Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has lambasted the Spanish government, saying:

In a democratic country it is crucial that citizens are able to debate the future of their nation

The Spanish government’s actions have been roundly condemned as anti-democratic, although mainstream media outlets have remained mysteriously silent on the issue. This reluctance has led to accusations of collusion between European government and media; the suspicion being that the fight for democratic rights are being wilfully muted for the sake of promoting a sense of ostensible cohesion during these tumultuous times for the bloc.

And the sight and sound of a million people singing the Catalan national anthem is not conducive with this.

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