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Labour’s right-wing dissent only strengthens the Tories. And, what’s worse, that’s their aim.

The ‘revenge reshuffle’ that the media have created over the past few weeks has come to fruition after one of the longest reshuffles in modern politics. With Jeremy Corbyn instigating his 'hard-left', 'ideologically driven...
Laura Kuenssberg anti-Corbyn

BBC admit intentionally damaging Corbyn leadership with contrived live resignation

According to the Media Reform Coalition, Corbyn was ‘systematically undermined’ and attacked by the British press as soon as he became leader. These damning figures show that sixty percent of the pieces involving Corbyn...

The Bitterites are willing to unite. But only with themselves.

If, as I did, you watched the rise of New Labour, the side-lining of Old Labour, and now the tables being turned, you may feel a certain vindication in the wheels coming off the...

Peter Mandelson brands Corbyn ‘divisive’ in intentionally divisive article. Whose side is he on...

Jeremy Corbyn has been a victim of abuse since the day he embarked on his bid to become the Leader of the Labour party. A party that was shamed in May’s general election, rejected...

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