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A man with no legs had his disability benefits slashed ‘because he could climb...

A few months ago, EvolvePolitics ran a story suggesting that DWP boss Damien Green might find himself as unpopular as Iain Duncan Smith. After the last week it isn’t hard to see why. Documented cases...

Here’s how you can check exactly how much the Tories’ £2.5bn education cuts will...

By 2020, 92% of English primary and secondary schools will see their budgets slashed. Ninety two percent. Just let that sink in for a minute. The National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the Association of Teachers...

Think tank hosting event at Tory Party Conference wants ‘to abolish the NHS’

As the Labour Party Conference draws to a close, all eyes are now turning towards the Conservative Party Conference next week. A meeting that stands out in particular is an event hosted by right-wing...

Tory cuts mean ALL the firefighters in Greater Manchester are being sacked

In what appears to be a deliberately provocative move, all 1,250 firefighters stationed across the Greater Manchester region have today been informed that they will all lose their jobs. Only workers who agree to...

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