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Has Cameron’s life been built on immoral earnings? Teflon Dave’s burning hypocrisy.

In 2012 Jimmy Carr's financial arrangements hit the headlines in a big way after he was found to have funneled money through a Jersey based tax avoidance scheme. Though legal, the revelations surrounding this arrangement...

George Osborne ‘personally benefited’ from £6m property sale to tax-dodging company

Chancellor George Osborne, who owns a 15% stake in his family's business Osborne & Little Group Ltd, 'personally benefited' from the sale of £6m worth of property to a company based in the British...

David Cameron LIED in his post-Panama Papers speech. And here’s the proof.

In a widely reported statement today, David Cameron has denied having any shares, offshore trusts or overseas funds, and most intriguingly he stated: "I have a house which we used to live in, which we...