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The Telegraph just published a full obituary for Prince Philip, who is definitely still alive.

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Supposedly trained journalists at The Telegraph have made what must be considered one of the stupidest cock-ups ever in the history of British news today.

The Tory-supporting paper inadvertently published a full obituary for Prince Philip, husband to the Queen, despite the fact that he is still well and truly alive at the age of 96.

It seems that someone at The Telegraph was attempting to publish an article about Prince Philip’s last public engagement before his retirement today, but somehow the fully accredited journalists managed to push completely the wrong buttons and publish the already-written obituary.

The full stock obituary was headlined:

HOLD HOLD HOLD Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, dies aged XX

Prince Phillip Obituary Telegraph Headline

Below the headline it contained bullet points including:

The Duke of Edinburgh’s most notable gaffes and quotes


And the piece also somehow managed to predict the future by stating that the:

Queen described Prince Philip as her ‘strength and stay

Prince Phillip Telegraph Obituary
The Telegraph’s Obituary bullet points for Prince Phillip, including his ‘most notable gaffes and quotes’.

It took The Telegraph more than half an hour to realise their mistake and finally remove the article, but not before a large number of people on social media had noticed.

Prince Phillip Horse Retired
The Telegraph presumed Prince Phillip had been retired in the same way horses are.

If you want to read exactly what The Telegraph are planning to say about Prince Philip when he does die, you can check out their stock obituary on the web archiver by following this link.

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