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The UK Establishment just shamelessly confirmed they ONLY care about Jews who agree with THEIR politics

Last night’s disgraceful attack by huge sections of the corporate media and Blairite Labour MPs on the left-wing Jewish group Jewdas proves that the British Establishment are only willing to stand up for Jews if they agree with Britain’s now entirely discredited, and deeply immoral, neoliberal agenda.

The pro-Establishment comic Guido Fawkes had initially published an ‘Exclusive’ article claiming that Jeremy Corbyn had spent Monday evening with a “far-left group that has called for the destruction of Israel, dismissed the Labour anti-Semitism scandal as a “cynical manipulation” and labelled Corbyn’s Jewish critics “non-Jews”.

As ever, and without so much as consulting the swathes of Jewish resentment towards the article on Twitter, or bothering to do their own research on the group, the Establishment media swiftly rehashed Guido’s latest anti-Corbyn article into their own words and promptly published whatever they could get away with before the clocks hit midnight.

What Guido and the Establishment media conveniently decided to leave out of the headlines, however, was the fact that the group that Jeremy Corbyn had spent Monday night with were actually a group of left-wing Jewish peace activists – who, as it would happen, hold similar political views to Corbyn, and completely contrasting politics to those held by the entire British establishment and their agreeable lackeys in the media.

In failing to even mention the fact that the group Corbyn met were entirely Jewish, Guido Fawkes – who are by all intents and purposes are an extreme far-right pro-Establishment propaganda website – categorically proved exactly what the past few weeks of relentless smears of anti-Semitism against Jeremy Corbyn have really been about.

And, by essentially churning out rehashed copies of Guido’s brazen smear piece – again with no prominent mentions that the group Corbyn met were entirely Jewish – the Establishment media proved they are simply another arm of the despicable, and soon-to-be entirely-defunct, British Establishment propaganda machine.

But, just to top things off, the pièce de résistance of the evening was the fact that the Blairites – a notoriously right-wing minority in the Labour party who have been vehemently and viciously smearing Corbyn with claims of anti-Semitism in recent weeks – proved once and for all exactly who’s side they are actually on by joining in with the establishment’s evidence-free chorus of condemnation of Jeremy Corbyn.

Nobody – not John Woodcock, not Angela Smith, and not any of Guido Fawkes’ journalists are Jewish – yet the Jews they were attempting to cast their condemnation on – the group that Jeremy Corbyn decided to spend Monday evening with – were, in the implied opinion of prominent non-Jewish British Establishment figures, supposedly anti-Semitic.

However, Blairite John Woodcock’s tweet of condemnation against Jeremy Corbyn contained the clearest evidence yet of what the Establishment’s true agenda really was.

Criticising Corbyn’s attendance at the Jewish group’s event on Monday, Woodcock tweeted that “This is deliberately baiting the mainstream Jewish community days after they pleaded with him to tackle antisemitism. And he must know that meeting them now will give his members the message that the group’s extreme views are ok. Irresponsible and dangerous”.

Woodcock’s tweet makes it clear that he is only interested in the views of the “mainstream Jewish community“. In other words, he couldn’t care less about the opinions of Jews if they happen not to agree with his own, or the agenda of the British Establishment.

Having ‘mainstream’ views does not mean someone is right – far from it. A system based on current mainstream views has just this week allowed Israel to murder 15 unarmed Palestinian protestors in cold blood with absolutely no condemnation from Western leaders – including, disgustingly, our own Prime Minister who has remained deathly silent on Israel’s despicable use of deadly force against unarmed civilians.

Mainstream political views have allowed the British Conservative government to get away with hugely increasing weapons sales to Saudi Arabia – a disgustingly anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-women, anti-human rights regime who are currently using the weapons we sell them to indiscriminately murder innocent civilians in Yemen as we speak.

Politicians who were simply going along with mainstream views led us into an illegal war in Iraq and created the power vacuum that helped fuel the death cult of ISIS.

Mainstream political views have caused the huge rise in poverty, with the amount of people forced to rely on foodbanks just to survive increasing from tens of thousands to millions in just 7 years.

Mainstream political views have caused ordinary people’s wages to stagnate and for homelessness to rise exponentially – with rough sleepers now literally freezing to death on the streets of the sixth richest nation on earth.

These are just a few examples of what has happened from our politicians simply going along with ‘mainstream’ views.

If politicians are unwilling to listen to the views of those who don’t agree with them, then we are doomed as a society.

Conversely, British society now has many laudable mainstream views – such as the widespread agreement that all British citizens deserves human rights, and then everyone – no matter what your income – has the right to healthcare and a safety net should any of us become sick or disabled.

But these now-mainstream views did not simply fall into the arms of British citizens – our ancestors spent years, decades, and centuries fighting, with many, many Brits dying at the hands of the Establishment to win what we all now take for granted as ‘mainstream’ constructs.

Groups such as the left-wing Jews that John Woodcock so mindlessly dismissed as simply having ‘extreme‘ views would have been exactly the type of anti-Establishment warriors to have fought against the oppression of yesteryear, and who are now fighting against the ongoing oppression within their own community and selflessly defending the rights of Israel’s Palestinian neighbours who they – contrary to the Israeli government and their Western pro-neoliberal allies – simply view as human beings – as their brothers and sisters – and as oppressed beings simply seeking change, just like them.

The Jewish group that Jeremy Corbyn met with on Monday night are called Jewdas – an apt play on words that combines ‘Jew’ and Judas – perhaps an allusion to how left-wing Jews, or those critical of Israel’s human rights abuses and war-crimes against the Palestinians, are simply viewed as betrayers by the Israeli state – a group who are ostracised and demonised as traitors for demanding positive change and an end to needless suffering.

Jewdas are a group made up almost exclusively of practicing, synagogue-going Jews, and the wilful refusal of all parts of the British Establishment to even attempt to recognise the group’s Jewish identity proves categorically that recent claims of anti-Semitism against the true-Labour movement have been far more about politics than about truly seeking to curb the scourge of genuine racism.

As Hicham Yezza so eloquently put it last night:

“If you only oppose antisemitism against Jews you agree with politically, then you don’t, actually, oppose antisemitism.”

Unfortunately for the British Establishment, this latest ridiculous charade has only proved they’re only ever willing to stand up against racism in order to score political points – even if, as tonight clearly has done, their ridiculous lack of comprehension about what actually constitutes true racism ends up outing their disingenuous agenda.

I’m ever so sorry British Establishment, but I’d rather stand by a man who has been fighting against racism for 40 years for no other reason than he believes it is the right thing to do, if you don’t mind.

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