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Theresa May attends lavish banquet with Daily Mail Editor just hours after Priti Patel resignation chaos

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Following weeks of Tory turmoil in which two Cabinet Ministers were forced to resign, the Prime Minister – in her uniquely questionable wisdom – has apparently decided that everything has become a little bit too much for her.

May seemingly needed some time out from the cut and thrust of leading her coalition of chaos…

Yes, mere hours after Priti Patel was forced to resign, Theresa May decided to treat herself to a banquet with her fellow super-rich pals.

The lavish event was in celebration of the career of none other than the Tories’ Minister For Propaganda: The Daily Mail’s infamous Editor, Paul Dacre.

Political journalist Robert Peston tweeted last night that:

No doubt one of the many topics being discussed was the current “Paradise Papers’ tax avoidance scandal.

Stationers Hall, the scene of Dacre’s banquet—image credit: /stationers.org

I mean, who should know more about tax avoidance than a roomful of Tories and Daily Mail fat cats?

One should imagine they had a hell of a lot to discuss.

Yes, literally hours after Patel’s scandalous resignation, and after a week of utter chaos inside Westminster, Theresa May decided the best use of her time was to be wined and dined at a super-posh event accompanied by a vast array of the countries’ biggest and dimmest cronies from the political and media establishment.

Inside the ancient hall—image credit: partyingredients.co.uk

It really says it all about the Tories and the Daily Mail – they both have absolutely no regard for the state of the country – as long as they are alright, Jack.

It really is as if she’s just given up being Prime Minister and thought:

F*ck it. Things can’t exactly get any worse. I might as well take the p*ss as much as possible until the country finally gets rid of me.

We can’t bloody wait until they finally do.

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