Whilst delivering her speech to Conservative Conference, the Prime Minister Theresa May was handed a piece of paper marked ‘P45’ by a stage invader.

The man, who was gathered with journalists and photographers at the front of the stage, interrupted the Prime Minister saying ‘Boris asked me to give this to you’.

The Prime Minister looked briefly bemused for a moment, but accepted the piece of paper from the man before he was escorted of the building by security staff.

The man, who has now been identified as notorious comedian and prankster Simon Brodkin, announced on Twitter “Hi , I gave Theresa her P45 just like you asked.”

Simon Brodkin, also known as Lee Nelson, has a long and well known history of similar pranks, and this latest incident will raise huge questions about the vetting of people admitted into Conservative Party conference.

Shortly after Brodkin’s intervention, Theresa May’s speech broke into farce after appearing to lose her composure, and then her voice. Conservative members could be seen looking at each other in utter bemusement and
excruciating pity as things went from bad to worse for the Prime Minister.


The P45 handed to Ms May, listed the reasons for terminating employment as:

Neither strong or stable.

We’re a bit worried about Jezza.

And under the column labeled ‘total tax to date’, the prankster had written:

Ask Phillip.

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You can watch the Tory Conference Stage invader below:

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