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Theresa May sends out letter begging for donations addressed to “Mr Youmustbe F*ckingjoking”

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Just a few weeks before another huge round of local elections on May 3rd, the Conservative Party have dropped an absolute clanger.

A letter sent out on behalf of the Prime Minister Theresa May pleading for donations was addressed to a ‘Mr Youmustbe F*ckingjoking”.

As revealed in a tweet from local resident Laura McCormack, her elderly neighbours were sent the letter begging for them to donate money to the ‘Campaign Managers Fund’ ahead of the local elections.

The letter, which arrived in an envelope bearing the official Conservative logo, also had Theresa May’s official signature at the bottom.

Ms McCormack tweeted:

“Trying to argue they can run a country when they can’t even work mailmerge. My elderly neighbours were more than a little upset to be addressed in this manner by the PM. #youmustbef*ckingjoking”

Before adding that:

“To add insult to injury the then had the cheek to ask for cash!”

A Conservative spokesperson confirmed that the letter had indeed been sent out by the party, stating:

“It is unacceptable that this letter was sent out and we apologize for any offence caused.

We are currently investigating this matter to ensure it does not happen again.”

Ms McCormack also added that neither of her neighbours were Conservative Party members, and that they had no idea why the party were begging them for cash.

And, as ever with these kind of things, the incredibly rude Tory letter has also now spawned a spin-off Twitter account – a person purporting to actually be named YouMustBe F*ckingJoking.

You really couldn’t make this kind of outrageous incompetence up.

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