Ahead of crucial votes in the House of Commons today on numerous Brexit amendments, Britain’s most absorbent hate-rag, The S*n, warned MPs not to ‘betray Britain’ by rebelling against Theresa May’s increasingly flimsy government to implement a softer version of Brexit.

The headline on The S*ns front page blared:

“As MPs vote on Brexit today, we say to them: You have a choice…




And the front page also goes on to proclaim that “The Sun says“:

“REBEL Tory MPs could today destroy their Prime Minster their Government and the Brexit the 17.4million majority voted for.”

And behind their veiled threats, The S*n had helpfully photoshopped a collage of what at first glance appears to be a very British scene.

Their pictorial amalgamation features such supposedly quintessentially British things such as The Mini, Windsor Castle and the Red Arrows, amongst many other crudely slapped together items:

However, as an incredible thread by Twitter user Otto English explains, it seems that either The S*n’s editors know absolutely nothing about Britain’s most iconic institutions, or they were trying to fool their readers into feeling a particularly misplaced sense of British pride.

Otto’s magnificent thread goes on to explain that almost every item The S*n had included on their front page was, in fact, not entirely British – with some even being completely foreign-made.

Yes, the thread points out that far from being entirely British, The S*n had made the following massive oversights:

  • The sheep are German Black Headed Mutton sheep.
  • The Shard is owned by a Quatarian businessman, and was designed by an Italian
  • The Angel of the North was paid for by EU arts funding, and built with Indian steel
  • The Red Arrows motto is “Éclat” French for excellence
  • Stonehenge was built before the idea of nationalism, and government
  • Mini is owned by BMW, designed by a Greek
  • Alton towers was built by a German company
  • Winsor castle was built by a Norman Duke
  • The Loch Ness monster – is fictional, but if you’d like the push the point, the Scots voted 56% to remain
  • Fish and chips were invented by a Jewish immigrant
  • Pugin who designed the House Of Lords’ interior, was a French immigrant
  • Of course finally, the Sun is owned by that quintessentially British – albeit Australian born American citizen – Rupert Murdoch

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Now that is a response that TRULY makes us proud to be British!

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