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Thousands of anti-homelessness protesters planning to line the route of royal wedding in May

In response to the Tories’ demands for Windsor police to forcibly clear the streets of homeless people in a despicably callous attempt to ‘clean up’ the area’s image before the royal wedding, Evolve Politics are planning to give the establishment a well-deserved taste of their own medicine, whilst simultaneously drawing worldwide attention towards Britain’s Tory-induced homelessness epidemic.

Evolve writer and activist Peter Mills, who has first-hand experience of being homeless himself, is organising an event urging everyone affected by homelessness across Britain, and all those outraged at the scale of the problem, to line the streets of the royal wedding for the whole world to see – with sleeping bags and cardboard placards in hand to emphasise the cause.

As Peter writes:

One of the more insidious and visible consequences of the past decade of ideologically-motivated austerity measures has been the drastic increase in homelessness.

Over the recent festive period, heartbreaking, damning images depicting throngs of homeless people huddled together for warmth and support were disseminated on social media. The pictures starkly illustrated how homelessness in the UK has risen to crisis levels.

Then, to kick off the new year, Simon Dudley, the Conservative Council leader in the Royal Borough of Windsor, ordered police to start forcibly removing all homeless people from the area in time for the royal wedding in May.

How wonderful and poignant a protest against homelessness and wealth disparity would it be if we all demonstrated against this despicable slur by gathering as many people from across Britain who are affected by, or outraged at the despicable level of homelessness, to line the royal wedding route to protest, sleeping bags and cardboard placards in hand.

It truly would be an event for the history books.

Imagine us lining the route in front of cameras from across the world; crowds of essentially poverty-stricken people, standing out to line the royal wedding route, made all the more obvious in contrast to the grotesque wealth and pomp that passes us by.

The rolling BBC coverage would force the exposure of an issue the establishment normally refuses to acknowledge. It would be on show for the whole world to see.

This protest is for the many who have, and continue to suffer homelessness and poverty under the Tories, as well as a demonstration of the immense wealth divide extant in our country.

The ubiquity of homelessness is hidden by the rich and their media lackeys to such an extent that it requires as stark a demonstration as this to express solidarity amongst all of those affected by austerity, as well as to force the mainstream media to take notice.

We see homelessness every day. Now let’s make sure the establishment see plenty of it on one of theirs.

So, sleeping bags and cardboard placards at the ready for the royals.

Who’s in?

Get Involved

You can pledge your interest and attendance to our anti-homelessness protest in Windsor on May 19th 2018 on Peter’s Facebook event page here

Other organisations are planning similar anti-homelessness protests to line the route of the royal wedding – you can pledge your support to these here and here

You can donate to the homelessness charity Shelter here

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