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The Tories are trying to deport a married computer science graduate mother WITHOUT her newborn baby

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A young mother is facing deportation without her newborn baby, after her appeals to stay in the UK were rejected – despite her being well within the threshold to stay here.

Despite her British husband earning £180,000 a year, her application for a spousal visa was originally declined based on a miscommunication of earnings. However, despite proof of income now being provided, her visa has continued to be rejected.


Wanwan Kiff, a 27-year-old computer science graduate, has been given a four month deadline to leave her newborn baby and return to China. Baby Oliver cannot cannot get Chinese citizenship because he’s fully British.

Her husband David Kiff, 32, explains that their original application, submitted when her student visa expired last year, was rejected three days after their wedding in November.

The couple, who reside in St Albans, had the second application rejected because the home office decided there was no reason all three of them could not move to China. This means that unless Mr Kiff leaves his job, and they all leave the lives they have built, then Mrs Kiff will have to return without her newborn baby.

Though it is possible for people using a premium service to get a decision on visa applications in 24 hours, Mr and Mrs Kiff were kept waiting for seven months.

The couple have spoken to their local MP, Conservative Anne Main, however she is ‘powerless to act’.

“What happens if they send her back? What happens to the baby?”

Mrs Kiff is estranged from her family in China and they do not have a support system there. In England, she has been ‘adopted’ by Mr Kiff’s family and friends, and baby Oliver already has a stable life built for him, surrounded by people who care. If they all have to move to China, they would have to start their lives again from scratch, knowing nobody.

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Mr Kiff feels as though the Home Office have not only unfairly rejected their applications, but also that they have ignored his multiple requests for information. He said:

I’ve written to and emailed the Home Office 36 times now, but they haven’t even acknowledged a single thing I’ve sent them.


In the first application, we submitted more than enough evidence that I earn well over the amount we need, and my lawyer agrees that they haven’t even looked at it.


The second application was refused because they said they didn’t see any reason we couldn’t move to China.”

Mr Kiff believes that the stress of awaiting the life changing decision caused his wife to go into labour two weeks early. Luckily, baby Oliver was born healthy. Mrs Kiff, who is breast feeding, is clearly extremely anxious and distressed at the idea of either being ripped away from her newborn or having to take him away from the life they have prepared – to live in a country she is no longer connected with.

Home Office profits

At the beginning of the month, The Guardian reported that the Home Office makes 800% profit on immigration applications. Many of the families that apply to live in the UK are eligible, however they are turned down on technicalities and then have to spend a lot more money applying again.

Mr and Mrs Kiff have spent in excess of £7,500 on applications, legal costs and appeals. Many could not afford this huge cost. Now, the couple have no choice but to apply again – at a further cost of £4,000. If this application is rejected then they cannot appeal again.

A spokesperson from the Home office said:

“Ms Qiao’s application for leave to remain is under consideration. We recommend that applicants seek independent immigration advice on their case.”

Get Involved

You can sign the petition to support David Kiff and Wanwan Qiao against the callous Home Office decisions by following this link.

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