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Tory Brexiteer MP says Theresa May is “f*cking Brexit”, “f*cking the country” and has “f*cked our party”

Following Theresa May’s announcement earlier today that she would be seeking a longer extension to Article 50 and attempt to find a cross-party agreement with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, there has been absolute consternation amongst Tory hard Brexiteers.

Earlier today, Mrs May signalled a significant shift in the government’s Brexit stance, indicating that she was now willing to compromise on her red lines and would agree to a much softer form of Brexit if Parliament agreed to it.

Furthermore, Mrs May also effectively ruled out the possibility of a No Deal Brexit – the absolute holy grail for Tory Brexiteers.

Following her statement, several members of the hard-right European Research Group gave their reactions – and one in particular summed up just how precarious the situation within the Tory Party now is.

Sky News reporter Lewis Goodall tweeted that he had “Just talked to two ERG MPs” and that “Angry doesn’t quite cut it“, with the Tory MP reportedly stating:

“This is serious stuff. She [Theresa May] has f*cked our party. She is f*cking brexit. She is f*cking the country.”

The Tory MP also reportedly went on to add:

“She is getting this through off the back of opposition votes. What is the point of being the government? This is all about her rotten legacy and she doesn’t care what she screws in the process, including the public interest and party she goes on so much about.”

Whilst the leader of the ERG, Jacob Rees-Mogg, responded to Mrs May’s significant soft Brexit shift by stating:

“What was announced today was an attempt to overturn Brexit in an attempt to do a deal with the socialists. It’s very serious.”


“No-one voted for a May-Corbyn coalition.”

Theresa May has been desperately attempting to keep the numerous factions within her party together for the past two years, but it now seems extremely likely that her pivot towards a soft Brexit may turn out to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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