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Tory Election Fraud: Accused of buying elections, there could be another General Election sooner than you think…

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In May, a Channel 4 investigation found evidence that some Conservative candidates overspent on election campaigns and, in some cases, didn’t declare money spent on buses and accomodation.

Yet most of the mainstream media was silent. On 3rd May, we covered this incredibly important issue (more than could be said for the BBC, but that’s another issue…)

Now, there has been an important development – it’s so serious that it could mean prosecutions, election results being made void and even another general election.

So far, 19 police forces are investigating the election fraud accusations. This includes Kent Police, who have now been given an extra 12 months to investigate the accusations.

At the ruling today, district judge Justin Barrons said:

“The consequences of a conviction would be of a local and national significance with the potential for election results being declared void.”

A candidate can spend between £10,000-£16,000 (depending on the size of the electoral) during their General Election campaign. In South Thanet, where Kent Police have been given extra time to investigate MP Craig Mackinlay, spent £33,989 according to Channel 4’s investigation – well over the cap of £15,016.

Timothy Straker QC from Kent Police said after the ruling:

“we have an allegation of national funds being used – in what some might put it – to buy an election.”

If any of the police forces investigating the election fraud find that the allegations are true, the election result could be voided – and it could mean that the Conservatives came in to power fraudulently and another General Election would have to be held. Time will tell…

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