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Tory MP who has hour-long bath every morning claimed over £650 in parliamentary expenses for his water bills

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Earlier today, it was revealed that Conservative MP Tim Loughton’s morning routine consisted of spending an hour in the bath every single morning. Loughton, who is the co-chairman of an all-party group on mindfulness, told a conference in London that “one of the greatest causes of stress in the world was the invention of the shower”, and that having a long soak every morning helps him de-stress and be fighting fit for the day ahead. According to The Mirror, Loughton said that topping up the hot water for his hour-long bath is “not cheap.”

Loughton then went on to tell BBC 5 Live:

“As part of my daily bath routine I do a bit of work in the bath, I read papers in the bath, but I also do a bit of mindfulness to relax and compose my thoughts for the day ahead.”


“And that’s a good use of my time because I’m normally in the bath by about 6 o’clock in the morning – and I’m in my office, as I was this morning, before 8 o’clock in the morning.”


“So some people might stay in bed until 8 o’clock – I get up and do some work, but I do it in my bath.”

But guess what Mr. Loughton didn’t tell BBC Five Live? That the water bill for his flat in London is covered by parliamentary expenses.

Analysis by The Mirror of Loughton’s expenses reveal that the Tory MP has charged £662 in water bills to the taxpayer over the last two years. Yep, that’s a three-figure bill on his luxurious hot baths in the morning.

When The Mirror asked Loughton for a comment, all he said was:

“There is never, ever, ever advantage in talking to the Mirror. Goodbye.”

One wonders whether Loughton would bother with his drawn-out morning routine if he had to pay for it himself…

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