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Tory MPs literally spent last night laughing and joking about their role in destroying the country

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If you ever needed any more proof that this Tory government really are entirely detached and utterly uncaring to the real-world carnage their policies are causing for ordinary people, last night’s sickening Spectator Awards – an event where various mainly Tory politicians, accompanied by their mates in the media, literally laughed and joked about their role in destroying the country – will surely leave you shaking your head in absolute disgust.

The Spectator Awards is an annual event hosted by the hard-right Spectator Magazine which brings together politicians and journalists from across the country to essentially celebrate their own collective incompetence – and last night’s event was almost certainly the most repulsive there’s ever been.

As one Twitter user succinctly put it:

If you want to see the worst people in the world honouring the worst people in the world while the worst people in the world write about it, check out the hashtag.”

The ‘highlight’ of last night’s event was the “Cabinet Resignation of the Year” award, which was jointly presented to former Brexit Secretaries Dominic Raab and David Davis, for their *hilarious* roles in completely cocking up Britain’s Brexit negotiations:

Unsurprisingly, many on Twitter didn’t share the same oblivious jollity as the Sun’s Political Editor:







Yes, whilst ordinary people suffer the devastating consequences of the Tories’ collective incompetence, the government, joined by their mates in the media, literally just proved they think it’s all one big joke.

However, thankfully, some politicians did have the sense not to attend.

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, was apparently awarded the title of “Politician of the Year” for the job of “selling Corbynism to the country“.

However, in true-Labour style, McDonnell rightly saw sense and refused to attend the repulsive event to collect it:


At least Britain has a few politicians left with morals, eh. Just a shame they’re not running the country. Yet.

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