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#TorySleaze36 – The names of the 36 MPs on the ‘Tory Sex Pest List’ have leaked onto social media

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An un-redacted version of the ‘Tory Sex Pest List’ has been leaked onto social media, and the allegations are so serious they have the potential to bring down the government.

The shocking list names 7 Cabinet Ministers, 14 other government Ministers, as well as 8 former Ministers.

The most serious allegations contained in the list concern two Conservative MPs who have both asked women to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) – a prominent method of ensuring victims are silenced about alleged sexual abuse. One of the MPs named is a prominent Cabinet member.

Another serious allegation contained in the dossier accuses a Tory MP of impregnating a Tory researcher and forcing her to have an abortion.

A staggering 25 Tory MPs are listed as allegedly displaying inappropriate sexual behaviour, with the majority of victims listed being young female members of staff.

The dossier lists both potentially illegal charges of sexual assault with cases of adultery, fetishes, and bizarre sexual behaviour – leading many to speculate that the compromising information, rather than existing to root out sex pests, may in fact be used to blackmail MPs into towing the line under the threat of publication.

Examples of some of the highly compromising information held on Tory MPs includes the following:

Next to the name of one Tory MP, it says: “A video exists of him being urinated on by three males.”

Another reads: “Likes to have intercourse with men who are wearing women’s perfume”.

Also within the dossier, two prominent Cabinet members are said to have had sexual relations with the same backbench Tory MP.

Next to the name of Brexit Minister Liam Fox, the list simply reads ‘Adam Werrity’ – leading many to speculate that the Tory Party may well possess more compromising information on Mr Fox than has previously been publicly released.

Yesterday, Andrea Leadsom said that there had been ‘absolutely no covering up going on” of alleged sexual harrassment in Parliament.

However, if the widely-circulated list is accurate, it would render Leadsom’s statement as categorically and provably false.

Evolve Politics is not able to verify the authenticity or veracity of the claims contained within the un-redacted list, and is therefore not at liberty to publish it on our website.

However, as the document has already been leaked into the public domain, we can legally declare that the un-redacted list is being widely circulated on Twitter under the hashtag #TorySleaze36.

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