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US Cop shouts ‘come here puppy’ at family dog, claps and whistles to lure it, then shoots it dead [Video]

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A Police Officer in the United States lured over a families’ pet dogs by whistling and clapping, before shooting one of them dead.

The Ohio cop, named as Josh Tenney, actively clapped, whistled and even shouted ‘come here puppy’ to the friendly dogs, before unloading almost an entire clip into one of the dogs, killing it.

The officer’s shocking actions were caught on Tenney’s body cam, and have provoked unprecedented outrage on social media.

The video begins with Tenney approaching an auto store and car wash, before exiting his car to speak with an unknown member of the public. 

The audio on Officer Tenney’s body cam is then activated, before capturing him clearly calling the dogs over. What is unclear is whether Officer Tenney was aware that the body cam audio had been switched on.

With the sound clearly audible, Tenney then begins clapping and whistling, shouting ‘come here’ and ‘come here puppies’ in an obviously friendly attempt to lure the pet dogs towards him. 

With the group of dogs in plain site the Officer continues to call them over, with the dogs initially ignoring the officer. Then in response to the Officer’s persistent friendly calls, the dogs begin leisurely jogging over to him wagging their tails. 

Officer Tenney then backs away from the dogs, shooting one of them in the face twice, then shoots it twice more before the dog slumps to the ground dead.

WARNING: You can watch the shocking video footage below.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXjQBR3iCOM[/embedyt]

Ohio Police have yet to comment on the shocking incident. 

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