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Vote Leave Brexit Chief brands Tory Brexit secretary David Davis ‘thick as mince’ and ‘lazy as a toad’

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Dominic Cummings, the man behind the infamous ‘£350 million extra for the NHS‘ Brexit ad, has hit out at Conservative Brexit secretary David Davis in an astonishing series of Tweets today.

Cummings said that Davis is “thick as mince” and that he is “lazy as a toad”.


@Odysseanproject is the Twitter account run by Cummings from which the Tweets were posted.

He also said that Davis was the “perfect stooge” for top civil servants.

Adding that Theresa May “does not understand” the Brexit bill unveiled by ministers last week.



This latest Twitter outburst follows weeks of similar attacks from the Vote Leave mastermind.

The former Vote Leave campaign chief admitted a few weeks ago that leaving the EU “could be an error” — shocking Brexiteers in the process.

Last week Cummings went on another tirade, calling the Tories plans to leave the Euratom treaty “unacceptable b******t” and “near retarded”.


A few weeks ago Cummings also said that the EU referendum was a “dumb idea”.


Clearly then Cummings has many regrets about the nasty, divisive, and lie-filled campaign he ran, and more worryingly, he believes that the people charged with implementing it – David Davis, Theresa May and the Conservatives – are clueless idiots.

How nice of the Vote Leave chief to suddenly join those of that populate the real world – shame he decided to do so just over one year too late.

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