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Who wants free beer? Register to vote here NOW and you can!

All this voting is thirsty work, am I right?

Pubs and breweries up and down the country are offering new voters a free pint of beer just for registering to vote!

Sounds too good to be true – but it isn’t. Vote This Year Get Free Beer was set up in a bid to encourage more people to register and vote in this election. Simple.

Their website says:

Voting in this election is going to massively affect our lives for the next 5 years and beyond. Every vote will directly affect what happens to our NHS, Schools and Universities, our economy and the relationship we have with the rest of the world.


This election is like no other, we truly live in unique times. Not since the end of the second world war have there been such huge political changes, which will change the course of the country that we’ll all inherit.

With 34% of registered voters failing to vote in the 2015 election, it is quite worrying, especially when these voters could easily sway the result.

So if this campaign encourages just one person to seize their potential by registering and actually voting… it’ll be a success!

There are over 60 pubs taking part in this campaign in all areas of England – so make sure you are registered, and go claim your by showing your confirmation email at the bar! Just remember, to vote in this election you must register by 22nd May.

To claim your free beer, follow these steps:

1) Follow this link to register to vote; register here

2) All you need is you address and National Insurance Number. If you don’t have your NI number get it here. If you don’t have a fixed abode you need to do this.

3) You will receive an email back confirming you have registered. Take this to one of the venues below, show it to the bartender and they will give you a free drink. Your details will be taken so you’ll only be able to claim one drink in one venue.

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