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WATCH: A BBC Comedy just reported Boris Johnson’s Russia LIES far more truthfully than BBC News did [VIDEO]

The BBC has long lauded itself as a veritable bastion of truth – especially in their news reporting. But their coverage of Boris Johnson’s blatant lies about exactly how much evidence Britain really had surrounding the poisoning of Sergei Skripal in Salisbury last month was a moment which proved beyond doubt that the BBC’s news reporting is slowly descending into nothing more than a brazen propaganda service to support the British Establishment at all costs.

Not only did BBC News deliberately edit a video of Mr Johnson’s interview to  change the interviewers question – a move which completely changed the meaning of Johnson’s false statement – the BBC article on the row also intentionally cast doubt cast doubt on whether or not Mr Johnson’s words really meant what they so obviously did.

During the interview with German broadcaster DW, the interviewer asks Mr Johnson:

Mr Johnson, you argue that the source of this nerve agent, Novichok, is Russia – how did you manage to find this out so quickly? Does Britain have samples of this?

Johnson garbles for about a minute, and then says “but when I look at the evidence, the people from Porton Down” – to which the interviewer interjects asking “so they have the samples then?”, to which Johnson replies:

“They do. And they were absolutely categorical [that Russia was the source], and I asked the guy myself – I said “are you sure?” and he said “there’s no doubt” – so, um, we have very little alternative but to take the action that we have taken.

But, I must say, the difference between this time and what happened twelve years ago with Alexander Litvinenko, there is much more sympathy in the International community, far more understanding of the kind of behaviour that Russia has been engaged in in the last few years.

And round the table here in Brussels talking to all the other European countries, there is hardly anybody who hasn’t experienced, directly or indirectly, some kind of malign or disruptive behaviour [from Russia].”

However, as exposed in a brilliant video by The Skwawkbox, the BBC edited the interview, fading in the question at the end to make it appear that Johnson was simply answering a question about whether or not Britain possessed samples of the nerve agent.

As his full answer to the interviewer’s question above clearly shows, he was stating that Porton Down were ‘categorical‘ that Russia was the source – not ‘categorical‘ that Britain had samples of the agent as the BBC News clip made it appear (an answer which doesn’t really make any sense, but does muddy the waters):

The BBC’s editing was so disgracefully disingenuous that it cleverly allowed a Tory MP to argue that Johnson:

“… didn’t say that [that Johnson claimed it was categorical that the source was Russia]. He actually said there was no doubt it was a type of nerve agent … [and] what the scientist said to him was that there was no doubt this was Novichok.”

Furthermore, as the Skwawkbox video also points out that, with the waters severely muddied by the BBC’s Putin-esque disinformation, their Security Correspondent Frank Gardner was then able to claim that:

“We tried very hard to find the bit where he is alleged to have said that Porton Down definitely told him it came from Russia – we couldn’t find that, but maybe he said that in another interview.”

Clear proof if ever you needed it that the BBC were playing propaganda games with reality and attempting to completely whitewash the reality of what Boris Johnson said.

However, it didn’t end there. With the BBC’s clever editing managing to severely muddy the waters, they wrote only that “Labour said in an interview given to German TV last month‘ that Johnson had claimed Porton Down told him categorically that the source was Russia – not that Johnson DID say it, as is clearly the case when you’re presented with the full interviewer’s question.

However, despite BBC News’ disgracefully obvious Putin-esque reality-bending tactics to try and discredit Labour and support the Tories’ blatant lies, the truth of the matter was aired last night on the BBC – albeit in a new series of the BBC comedy Have I got News for You.

As ever with HIGNFY, it doesn’t pull any punches – and despite the BBC News editors doing their level best to subdue the truth by claiming they supposedly couldn’t apparently find the evidence, the truth was finally outed.

I assure you, the BBC’s blatantly biased News editors definitely wouldn’t want you sharing the clip below because it completely exposes them for the disingenuous Establishment lackeys that they are:

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