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WATCH: A childish Tory MP literally just whistled the Russian National anthem at Jeremy Corbyn during his Commons speech [VIDEO]

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Just when you thought the Tories couldn’t act any more like spoilt, over-privileged children with their disgracefully infantile braying and constant mocking interruptions against Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons, they go and do something else which makes you sit up and take notice – something which shows that even I may have underestimated just how ridiculously infantile they can be.

The Tories’ behaviour in the House of Commons today was beyond despicable. Firstly they refused to allow Jeremy Corbyn to speak for almost half an hour – constantly interrupting him asking to intervene when the Labour leader had clearly told them – as was his right – that he wouldn’t allow any interruptions.

Then one Tory MP interrupted Mr Corbyn to make a point of order – only to be severely rebuked by the Speaker because his point of order was because Corbyn would not take interventions during his speech.

However, as all MPs should well know, taking interventions is entirely at the discretion of the MP who has the floor.

But then, something particularly extraordinary happened – something which may not have ever happened before, and which requires a strong word than simply ‘childish’ to describe the Conservative Party.

Yes, a Tory MP – who some have even speculated they may be a former Cabinet Minister, but from Boris Johnson’s reaction (turning squarely to his left) may have even come from a current member of the front bench – was apparently so unable to restrain themselves that they literally started whistling the Russian National Anthem at Jeremy Corbyn – much to the apparent amusement Britain’s laughing stock manbaby of a Foreign Secretary.

The actions of the whistling Tory MP are in clear breach of numerous Commons protocols – and some would argue their behaviour was childish enough to bring the House into disrepute, and should have warranted expulsion from the chamber.

Unsurprisingly, as the whistling became louder, the Speaker was forced to intervene – which was almost certainly the perpetrators’ intention – forcing Corbyn to once again pause his train of thought because of childish Tory behaviour.

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These really are the people who run the country. No wonder we’re in such a fine mess.

You can watch the unprecedented scenes below:

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