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WATCH: President Maduro says BBC ‘has turned into something horrible’ and are ‘manipulators of information’ [VIDEO]

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro has accused both the BBC and CNN of being ‘manipulators of information’, and went as far as saying the BBC has “turned into something terrible, horrible” during a televised government committee meeting today.

And in a scenario which even defenders of the BBC’s supposed impartiality must admit is deeply ironic, editors at the BBC decided not just to leave these specific attacks on the British Broadcasting Corporation’s reporting out of their headline, but also out of the entire text contained in their article detailing President Maduro’s speech today.

The BBC instead focused on the Venezuelan President’s offer of a face-to-face discussion with President Trump, quoting Maduro as saying:

If he (Trump) is so interested in Venezuela, here I am

And in a clear sign that Maduro is more than willing to reach out to Western powers and take a diplomatic route to resolve their differences, the Venezuelan leader added:

Mr Donald Trump, here is my hand.

The BBC’s article ends by stating that “More than 120 people have been killed in violent anti-government protests since April”, but conveniently fails to mention that around half of those killed have been either pro-government counter demonstrators or bystanders with no connection to either protest group.

In the past few weeks the Venezuelan President has become just the latest foreign leader to feel the full force of a classic Western establishment-media campaign to turn public opinion against an economically independent regime.

When you realise that Venezuela is reportedly sitting on the biggest oil reserves in the world, and that their previous President Hugo Chavez was briefly overthrown during a US-backed coup in 2002, it becomes glaringly obvious why the establishment media is attempting to paint such a clear cut story of government oppression.

The situation is Venezuela is so obviously far from black and white, and after falling for the same old establishment lies and misinformation about ‘liberating’ Iraq, Libya, and (almost) Syria, you would hope that the public would think twice about mindlessly blaming just one side for the outbreak of violence in Venezuela.

The Western media have failed to accurately report numerous accusations of violence directly perpetrated by the opposition, including a reportedly US-linked terrorist attack that directly targeted Maduro’s government.

As well as their failure to accurately report both sides of the story within Venezeula, the Western media also have extremely selective outrage when it comes to their condemnation of alleged human rights abuses – failing to properly inform the public about the catalogue of repulsive atrocities committed by regimes sympathetic to the British establishment, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and various other oil-rich dictatorships with whom the West does business. The hypocrisy is glaringly obvious.

However, rather than take the corporate news media at face value, more and more people are now starting to see through the propaganda and realise that they really are being lied to and manipulated time and time again.

And whilst questions must be asked about the roles of the government, the opposition, as well as foreign powers in this unfolding crisis, President Maduro is unquestionably right in one respect: the BBC truly has become something terrible. It is quite clearly now no more reliable than any other blatantly biased government-backed state broadcaster.

You can watch President Maduro’s attack on Western media propaganda here:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zgb7VIjVbzc[/embedyt]

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