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WATCH: Pro-Corbyn journalist Owen Jones viciously mobbed by vile far-right Yellow Vest thugs [VIDEO]

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The Guardian journalist and prominent pro-Corbyn activist Owen Jones has filmed himself being viciously mobbed and verbally abused by a group of far-right Yellow Vest thugs as he made his way into Westminster this afternoon.

Jones was labelled a “traitor“, a “tampon“, and, ironically, a “vile vicious little bully“, by the aggressive protestors.

Despite the vicious barrage, Jones managed to stay impeccably calm as he filmed himself being subjected to a disgusting level of abuse from the massed pro-Brexit group.

Captioning his video, Jones wrote:

“Just met some lovely Tommy Robinson fans and I’d love for you to get to know them too”

You can watch the despicable incident below:

The incident has already been condemned right across the political spectrum, with the main protagonist alleged to be James Goddard – a notorious far-right thug.

Just minutes after the attack, Jones took to Twitter to warn that “If anything happens to one of us on the left at the hands of these fascists“, then the right-wing press – who, Jones says, legitimise such appalling behaviour – will “share the blame”.

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