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WATCH: Salford woman praised after brilliantly shutting down Tommy Robinson in the best way possible [VIDEO]

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A woman from Salford has been praised after a video emerged of her brilliantly shutting down the arch racist, anti-Islam fanatic, Tommy Robinson, during a heated discussion earlier this week – directly accusing the former EDL leader of “spouting any old sh*te“.

The confrontation happened during Robinson’s visit to the Manchester region as he attempted to promote himself to local people as a candidate for the North West in the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections.

The pair can be heard discussing Robinson’s delayed court proceedings, concerning allegations that he committed contempt of court after allegedly contravening reporting restrictions whilst filming a Facebook live video outside a trial of men accused of child grooming.

The conversation begins by Robinson telling the woman that she was “missing the point”, before he goes on to claim that:

“The top judge in the country found that I didn’t pervert the course of justice, which is why I was released from prison.”

The woman then goes on to ask Robinson – whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – whether he would have filmed his video “if it was a group of white men” and not Muslims involved in the court case.

After he refuses to answer, the woman repeats her question.

Robinson finally responds by posing the question “would there have been reporting restrictions if it was a group of white men?

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The video ends by Robinson claiming that he definitely knows what he’s talking about, before the woman responds by confidently asking:

“Well do you really? Or are you just spouting any old sh*te?”

You can watch the full video, with subtitles added by Evolve, below:

The reactions to the as yet unknown Salford woman’s fantastic response were universally glowing:



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