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WATCH: This Labour MP just nailed exactly why you should be RAGING about tax dodgers [VIDEO]

Honest hardworking taxpayers like you and me are being majorly mugged off by other people playing the system.

You might think we’re talking about benefit cheats, or people who lie about their circumstances to get a few extra quid from the welfare state.

Benefit fraud is obviously unacceptable, and the amount of taxpayer’s money wasted because of it is sizable, but there is a group of people who are literally scamming 100 times more money off honest hardworking British taxpayers like you and I.

Whilst tabloid papers marketed at lower and middle class Britons like The Sun, The Express and The Daily Mail run daily stories about ordinary people playing the system, about single mothers from council estates having numerous children, or about immigrants supposedly getting preferential treatment, these types of publications very rarely run stories about this other, far worse group of scammers.

Yes, despite the fact that this other group of people literally cost Britain’s public purse 100 times more money than we lose through benefit fraud, the majority of the mainstream media do their best to distract the public onto other things – things that inevitably see ordinary people asking questions of their friends and neighbours rather than the rich and powerful.

The group of people we’re talking about are tax avoiders – and if you find yourself getting angry at benefit cheats or ordinary people playing the system, you should be absolutely furious with tax avoiders.

If you’re not angry at tax avoidance, but are about benefit fraud – do feel free to ask yourself why.

Whilst those committing benefit fraud are almost exclusively people with very little money in the first place, super-rich tax avoiders have absolutely no excuse to avoid tax other than pure, unadulterated greed.

As the chart below shows, £120Bn of taxpayer’s money is lost to tax evasion and avoidance every year, compared to just £1.2Bn in benefit fraud.

Yet, when the figures are shown as starkly as they are above, it seems incredible that the majority of Britain seems to be more concerned with ordinary people playing the system for a few extra quid rather than already-wealthy tax avoiders who cost our NHS and public services hundreds of billons.

With the leaking of the Paradise Papers (Read: Parasite Papers) this week – documents which uncovered the murky world of tax avoidance by the super-rich – this long-neglected subject has finally been given some much-needed air time by our media.

And, as the stark difference between Britain’s two main political parties grows ever more obvious as each day passes, the revelations contained in the Parasite Papers have shown both parties for what they truly represent.

Theresa May and the Conservatives have barely mentioned the subject of tax avoidance following the shocking revelations. And, added to the fact that tax avoidance seems to be the favourite passtime of the Tories’ biggest donor Lord Ashcroft – a man who, to avoid answering questions about the alleged £127m he has avoided in tax, decided to hide in a toilet – it seems pretty obvious which side the Tories are batting for.

Conversely, following the leaks, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party have been desperate to properly inform the public just how incredulous they should be about the scandal of tax avoidance.

Labour have already called for an inquiry into the tax affairs of Tory donor Lord Ashcroft, and now Jeremy Corbyn’s party are launching a vast publicity campaign on social media to raise more public awareness of the scale of money lost to tax avoidance.

Chris Williamson, the Labour MP for Derby North, has become famed for his videos on social media since regaining his seat in 2017. And whilst Williamson’s previous videos have been fantastic, his latest one is absolutely top drawer. Some might say that it’s bang on the money – quite literally.

He expertly explains exactly why the British public should be far more angry about the super-rich dodging their tax – money which should be going towards our NHS and our kids’ educations – than we currently are.

Do give Chris Williamson’s video a watch below:

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