All is not well within the Tory Party. Not only are the party facing a historic split over their numerous factional disputes around Brexit, two of their MPs have just been caught openly mocking a Tory colleague behind his back during today’s Prime Minister’s Questions.


Kelly Tolhurst, the Tory MP for Rochester and Strood, and Huw Merriman, the Tory member for Bexhill and Battle, appeared to repeatedly poke fun at their colleague Michael Fabricant, over his exuberant blonde locks, during his question to the Prime Minister.

Merriman repeatedly points to the back of Fabricant’s head before appearing to exclaim “it’s definitely a wig!”.

Merriman then goes on to repeat his assertion, mouthing the words “it’s a wig” again.


The Tory MPs’ extraordinary behaviour has already been labelled “puerile and childish” on social media, with others calling on them to make a public apology.

Responding to the incident, Fabricant branded Merriman as “short sighted“, stating on Twitter:

“It’s Huw Merriman MP. I realise no-one knows him. A newish member, a little short sighted, and who doesn’t yet realise that PMQs are televised, bless. I know people are annoyed about his antics, they have been calling my office, but he’ll eventually learn how to behave. Sweet.”

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You can watch the astonishingly blatant behaviour below:

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