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Wealthy Tory MP gets utterly castigated for whining about having to do a bit of hard work for once

A wealthy Conservative Party MP who has repeatedly voted in favour of decimating pay and conditions for ordinary people has come in for stinging criticism after complaining that, because of the current Brexit fiasco which her own party has presided over, she is now having to work long hours in “unpleasant” conditions, is “sleeping badly” and is, heaven forbid, having to eat “canteen food“.

The arch-Brexiteer and Tory MP for mid-Bedfordshire, Nadine Dorries, tweeted a screenshot of an article from The Times which made the claim that the Brexit debacle had now become so intense in Parliament that there were “fears for the health” of MPs and their staff, and that they could “drop dead from exhaustion“, adding:

“It’s intense. MPs eating wall to wall canteen food, no exercise, sleeping badly, working 18hrs a day in permanent atmosphere of unpleasant confrontation, dispute, disappointment and chilled fear from security threats.”

Ms Dorries currently earns a £79,468 taxpayer-funded salary a year as an MP. On top of this, between 1st December 2017 and 30th November 2018, Dorries claimed £21,840.00 from the taxpayer in expenses for a second home in London so she doesn’t have to commute all the way from her Bedfordshire constituency, plus £1,522.42 from the taxpayer for travelling from her taxpayer-funded home to her taxpayer-funded job.

Furthermore, on top of her extremely generous taxpayer-funded salary and taxpayer-funded expenses allowances, Dorries also earned £13,000 a month between October 2016 and July 2018 from Zeus Publishing for working just 12 hours a week as an author.

In addition, Ms Dorries also received £11,000 in May 2018 and £9,641 in November 2018 from royalties, as well as £61,200 in February 2019 for an advanced payment on a new book and £7,920 for 25 hours work filming a documentary for ITV.

If this wasn’t enough, Ms Dorries also holds a 15% stake in a media consultancy business, and employs her daughter as her Senior Secretary – on, you’ve guessed it, a taxpayer-funded salary of between £24,238 and £34,431.

But, oh no – poor Nadine has to work long hours for a couple of weeks whilst MPs try to fix the utter mess her party has created!

Unsurprisingly, given the fact she earns an income most people could only dream of, added to the fact that she has repeatedly voted in favour of policies which have absolutely decimated the pay and conditions of ordinary workers throughout the country, not a lot of people had much sympathy for her:




In fact, out of the 870 replies she received, Evolve could not find a single supportive comment in favour of the Tory MP.

But when you realise the fact that, in addition to her monstrous earnings and taxpayer-funded expenses, Ms Dorries has also personally contributed to the disastrous situation ordinary British people now find themselves in by repeatedly voting in favour of measures to reduce benefits for people in work and the disabled, voting in favour of reducing funds to cash strapped public services like the NHS and the police force, voting against raising the minimum wage, voting against an energy price freeze, voting for the bedroom tax, voting to scrap maintenance allowances for students, voting in favour of tuition fees, whilst also voting to reduce corporation tax, against raising taxes on the rich, and against measures to curb tax avoidance, it’s not exactly hard to see why so many people are absolutely apoplectic with her pathetic and ridiculously out of touch whining.

Plus, in addition to her brutally unsympathetic voting record towards virtually everybody except rich people like herself, Dorries has also repeatedly opposed laws to allow gay people to marry and repeatedly voted against laws that promote human rights and equality.

Do tell me again, why in the name of all that’s holy do the British public keep voting this lot in? It really does beggar belief.

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