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Disgusting Whatsapp chat shows Activate Tories joking about “gassing chavs”, describing poor as “vermin”

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Right-wing blog Guido Fawkes has revealed a WhatsApp chat that allegedly shows messages in a Young Conservatives group chat between members of the new Momentum Tory copy-cat group, Activate, and the content is absolutely sickening.

After seemingly explaining how they’d like to gas “spice h*mo chavs” and “run some medical experiments on them”, one member of the group warns them that it’s “turning into a Nazi chat.” Bit late for that, mate.

Other suggestions on this sickening chat include turning the Isle of Wight into a super prison, introducing compulsory birth control for “chavs”, “chavocide”, and a monopoly on the supply of information on TV and media. Not fascist at all, then.

Activate have been ruthlessly mocked since their inception, for their lacklustre attempts at Jeremy Corbyn memes, charging up to £500 for membership and even selling hand-signed champagne on their website.

While these Activate members are having a proper laugh at the expense of the poor, one ring-leader comes onto the group chat to say that they’re lucky WhatsApp is encrypted and laments their behaviour. Still, didn’t stop Guido Fawkes getting their hands on the screenshots that you can see below. We’d be surprised if Activate lasts another week at this rate.

Credit: Guido Fawkes
Credit: Guido Fawkes
Credit: Guido Fawkes
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Co-Founder, Contributing Editor

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