As we reported earlier in the week, Twitter was up in arms following Channel 4’s investigation into Conservative overspending during the 2015 election campaign. On Tuesday alone there were more than 100,000 tweets using the hashtag #ToryElectionFraud, and the term was trending at number 1 for almost 12 hours.

Despite this monumental public discussion regarding possible criminal investigation into Tory officials – investigations which could result in by-elections being forced in 24 swing constituencies – the BBC deemed the story simply not newsworthy.

In Tuesday’s article, we concluded that the reason for this lack of reporting was the BBC’s ridiculously obvious bias towards the current Conservative government, and with crucial elections coming up, they would much prefer to keep this potentially massive political scandal hushed.

And lo and behold, with elections now out of the way, and with voters unable to change their decisions, Laura Kuennsburg, fresh from her unequivocally anti-Labour coverage of the election results, has now decided to tweet about this huge Channel4 ‘scoop’.

Twitter was quick to pick up on Ms Kuenssburg’s extraordinarily predictable timing.

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So far, Kuennsburg has tweeted once about #ToryElectionFraud and has also retweeted her BBC colleague Daniel Sandford three times on the same subject.

We hate to say we told you so, but we did.

We’re watching you, BBC. And not for your hard-hitting, impartial political coverage.

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