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If you’re not outraged about the Tories’ £100m ‘Royal Brexit Yacht’, you’re not looking hard enough

Britain is currently facing unprecedented economic uncertainty over a looming ‘no-deal Brexit’.

We have Tory austerity grinding the NHS to the bone; making record numbers of children homeless, and creating a desperate housing shortage that only seems to be benefiting landlords and super-rich property moguls.

Our heroic nurses, firefighters, and police officers are being severely overworked and critically underpaid.

And whilst the Tories try to fool the public into thinking Britain’s economy is booming, nothing could be further from the truth.

Britain’s economy now has both the highest rate of inflation, as well as the lowest growth rate out of the 10 largest European economies.

This means that whilst the cost of food and services is rising much faster than in similar European nations, wages are not rising anywhere near the same level – making life’s necessities like food and shelter increasingly unaffordable for ordinary people.

With such bleak statistics for our economy, and with the British public crying out for money to be spent on eradicating poverty, to alleviate soaring food-bank usage, to build much-needed social housing, or to provide severely-needed extra investment for an NHS that has been brought to its knees by Tory austerity, you’d have thought Theresa May and her government would be a little more thoughtful when proposing what to spend taxpayer’s money on.

Yes, this is the outrageous news that senior Tory ministers, reportedly including Boris Johnson, have been exposed pushing plans to build a brand new £100m luxury Royal Yacht for the Queen.

The Conservative’s hugely costly plans – initially leaked to The Telegraph – have drawn both outrage and sheer disbelief on social media.

Some have drawn parallels between the way the Tories seemingly have no qualms about spending huge amounts of taxpayer’s money on the royal family, whilst completely turning a blind eye the desperate plight of many impoverished British citizens.


After the level of anger displayed towards the proposal, a Number 10 spokesman was quick to quash the rumours, saying that the Royal Yacht is:

not on our agenda

However, despite a spokesperson denying it, the Tories’ ‘Northern Powerhouse Minister’, Jake Berry, has reportedly spoken to Trade Secretary Liam Fox about the scheme.

Berry tried justifying the ridiculously expensive scheme with a stupefying call for blind patriotism, telling the Telegraph that:

It is proposed that it is a ship for Her Majesty the Queen, a floating palace that can be moved around the world. But when it is not in use by our monarch, it is to be used as a showcase for everything that is best in Britain.

Yes, you heard that right. The Tories think that lavishing money on egregiously expensive luxuries that will only benefit the super-wealthy few somehow demonstrates the best of British.

We hate to burst your bubble, Mr Berry, but Britain is at its best when it provides the needs of the many, not the disgustingly materialistic wants of a pampered, super-rich few.

The best of Britain is our NHS – a service envied the world over for being completely non-discriminatory, free to all, and world-renowned in its top class quality of care.

The best of Britain is ensuring the disadvantaged are cared for properly – by providing a welfare state that adequately cares for the sick and the disabled and actually ensures a decent standard of living for everyone, no matter how complex their needs.

Britain is at it’s absolute best when it cares for everyone – not when the establishment prioritises the extravagant wants of the rich over the crucial needs of the poor.

Britain is at a major crossroads in its history, and Brexit will be the defining feature of our future. How we decide to exit from the EU will shape the world’s perceptions of us for years to come.

The British public somehow seems to think that we are immune to the same level of crass ignorance and gullibility that the US electorate displayed by electing such an obvious self-server as Trump – but if we carry on down this current Tory track, the rest of the world will begin to look on at Britain’s similar self-flagellating electoral stupidity with the same amount of righteous ridicule.

The choice Britain now has to make is stark, and the difference between the directions of the two main political parties has been made so glaringly obvious by the Tories’ latest £100m Royal Yacht stunt.

So, ask yourself this: do you want a government who spends your money on an extravagant gift to the royal family, or do you want leaders who fund things that actually benefit you and your family?

It really shouldn’t be this difficult, Britain.

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