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16% of Trump voters are white supremacists. Seriously.

A poll of South Carolinian potential voters has revealed some pretty deep insights in to how Republican citizens think.

Public Policy Polling asked Republican voters 10 questions, such as who they would vote for. 35% said they would vote for Donald Trump – Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio came joint second with 18% which is a pretty big gap… and a scary one at that. 35% really think the institutionally racist and not-quite-mentally-there billionaire is the best person to be President of the United States?!

PPP also asked some strange questions about BBQ sauce preferences – if you’re interested, 31% of Trump supporters prefer the tangy tomato-based barbecue sauce but just 20% of Ben Carson’s fans could say the same. (What’s wrong, Carson fans? Tomatoes aren’t American enough for you?!) The poll may have had some silly questions but there was one pretty hardcore question – about whether or not white people were the superior race. The result is quite disturbing.

16% of Trump voters agreed that whites were the superior race. That’s quite a significant amount compared to the other candidates – 9% of Rubio’s supporters agreed and 7% of Cruz’s. Keeping in mind that Rubio is a Cuban-American and Cruz’s father is also from Cuba… These results make very little sense. If a voter truly believes in white power, why would they vote for someone not American? I would also like to point out that 1% of Ben Carson supporters said yes – and Carson is black.

The results of the poll are confusing, to say the least. They suggest that many Republicans – in South Carolina, at least, where the poll took place – are misguided and confused about how they feel. However, there is some hope for the Republicans – PPP asked a few questions on Islam. 53% of Republicans think Islam should be legal in the US of A, and 47% think mosques should be allowed. It would be nice if the numbers were higher, but considering these are Republicans… maybe they do have a heart.

Then again, 31% of Trump supporters would like h*mosexuals to be banned from entering the USA, so I take that back.

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