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Stephen is a full time reporter.

The British officer that helped make Libya an extremist hotbed has just been appointed as NATO chief

The UK's Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach has been elected as the NATO Alliance's senior military officer. He will become the first Briton to...

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EXCLUSIVE: Jon Trickett MP – Leaders who don’t engage with ordinary folk rapidly appear out of touch

It has become intensely clear over the past few years that politicians simply don't reflect the wider population. Far too often our elected representatives...

Jon Trickett MP: Gideon Osborne’s latest career move shows the UK’s Revolving Door Political system is worse than ever

The huge accumulations of wealth which are hoarded by billionaires and global corporations give them vast economic power over virtually every aspect of ordinary...

EXCLUSIVE: Press Regulator IPSO has taken no action against 55 Covid conspiracy and disinformation articles published by UK Newspapers

The UK's main press regulator, IPSO, have refused to take action over more than 50 national newspaper articles containing dangerous conspiracy theories, serious disinformation,...

Only Proportional Representation will allow the British people to truly “Take Back Control”.

Our electoral system is seriously flawed. Millions of Brits live in constituencies that have almost no chance of changing hands; many groups are simply...

The Tories STILL haven’t ratified an International Treaty to combat Domestic Violence they signed over EIGHT YEARS ago.

Eight and a half years ago, the UK government signed the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic...
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