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Stephen is a full time reporter.

The British officer that helped make Libya an extremist hotbed has just been appointed as NATO chief

The UK's Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach has been elected as the NATO Alliance's senior military officer. He will become the first Briton to...

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BBC Journalist accused of ‘covering for the Tories’ after blaming public for rise in Covid cases

The BBC's Home Affairs Correspondent has been severely criticised and accused of 'covering for the Tories' after overlooking the vast impact of government policy...

The Tories are planning to force workers to undergo random drug tests – but MPs will be exempt

The Conservative government are planning to introduce legislation which would force big employers to carry out random drug tests on their employees - but...

Tories vote down amendment to implement official Grenfell Inquiry fire safety recommendations

Boris Johnson's Conservative Party have been lambasted after making a "shameful u-turn" to vote down an amendment to put into law the fire safety...

Boris Johnson is putting an unashamed IRA sympathiser into the House of Lords – and the right-wing media are totally silent

Despite spending the past five years relentlessly smearing the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as an "IRA sympathiser", the right-wing media have been oddly...

The Times deletes “shameful” tweet sympathising with white teenager who killed two people during Wisconsin protests

The Rupert Murdoch-owned Times newspaper has been forced to delete a "shameful" tweet which sympathised with Kyle Rittenhouse - the white teenager charged with...
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