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Daily Mail sneak out correction stating “Two Thirds of Child Refugees” headline actually refers to just 13.6%

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Britain’s second-most absorbent hate-rag, The Daily Mail, has attempted to sneak out a correction claiming that a previous headline referring to “Two Thirds of Child Refugees” actually, in reality, should only have referred to just 13.6%.

On their Corrections and Clarifications page, the Mail state:

“On April 8 an article was published by MailOnline with a headline stating that a border watchdog report revealed that two-thirds of child refugees coming to Britain were found to be adults. This article was published by the Daily Mail newspaper under a different headline. We are happy to clarify that the two-thirds figure is in reference to the number of juvenile asylum seekers found to be adults after they had been assessed by officials who had doubted the veracity of their claims, and does not relate to the overall number of juvenile asylum seekers. It totals 13.6% of the whole number of child refugees.

However, despite the true amount of child refugees found to be adults actually being just 13.6%, the Mail’s article slightly amended headline still states that:

“Truth about child refugees: Two-thirds quizzed about their age are found to be ADULTS, official report reveals after almost 3,000 people claiming to be unaccompanied minors apply for asylum in a year”

And the Mail’s infamous bullet-points also miss out the true figures, going on to state that:

  • Nearly two-thirds of ‘child’ refugees questioned about their age were found to be adults, new report shows
  • In one year, 65 per cent of asylum seekers assessed after claiming to be juveniles were judged to be over 18 
  • Home Office received 2,952 asylum applications from unaccompanied children

Yes, ever-eager to scaremonger and peddle hate against anybody with even the slightest amount of physical or mental difference to a straight, white, middle-aged, gammon-faced Brexiteer, the Daily Mail haven’t even bothered to state the facts in their bullet points.

But surely they’ve included the true 13.6% figure in the article?

No, no they haven’t.

The best the Daily Mail could muster was to publish a small correction to the bottom of the piece that completely missed out the true figure, stating:

“A previous version of this article contained a headline stating that a border watchdog report revealed that two-thirds of child refugees were found to be adults. We are happy to clarify that the report revealed that two-thirds of child refugees who were questioned about their age were found to be adults.”

Yes, despite publishing a completely different correction which contained the true figures on to their extremely hard-to-find corrections page, the Mail appear to be entirely uninterested in properly informing their readers of the actual facts by continuing to omit the true figure from the article.

The relentless hate peddled by the Daily Mail is disgustingly abhorrent in and of itself, but the fact that the outlet treats their readers with such contempt that they intentionally omit true figures from an article shows just how low such outlets will stoop.

The Daily Mail’s arch Hatemonger-in-Chief Paul Dacre announced he was resigning as editor of the paper yesterday, and the hilarious responses to his impending departure perfectly summed up just how much animosity and division the publication intentionally stirs up in Britain.

Despite the Mail’s relentless anti-immigrant stance, absolutely no evidence exists to show that migrants are a drain on Britain’s economy – in fact, the evidence generally shows the complete opposite.

Depressingly however, convincing human beings to hate and fear others who appear different to themselves has been an age-old tactic used by establishments throughout the centuries in order to ‘divide and rule’ their populations – a method that allows those in power to remain in power far more easily as everybody else is busy blaming eachother for the state of the country rather than blaming those who actually hold the power and make the decisions.

The right-wing media in Britain are beyond toxic, but with the advent of social media and the positive reality of multicultural integration, the number of people waking up to the lies peddled by the establishment is increasing every day.

The Daily Mail and its compatriots in the hatemongering media may never change their divisive tactics, but eventually hope will triumph over fear.

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