hatemonger extraordinaire Paul Dacre is set to step down as editor of the Daily Mail. The man behind the headlines. The man behind the shock and awe: the massive, monolithic, block-black lettering on the front of each page.

Dacre’s influence on the country has been deific, if declining. Though it is inarguable that he has shaped the national conversation in a great many ways; he shaped public attitude and has helped turned corners of the nation into bitter holes of xenophobic argument.

Dacre will become chairman of Associated Newspapers, owned by DMGT – the Daily Mail’s parent company. Nonetheless, it seems hopeful that his resignation might signal a sea change in the tone of mainstream channels of communication. 

Anyway, people on Twitter have been tearing him up and the responses are pure genius:

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Though at the same time, through the micky-taking, there were some hints at the real damage Paul did as editor of the Daily Mail. 


But to be honest, the jokes are far more entertaining:



And here is my personal favourite. A great riff on the asymmetrical way the Daily Mail spoke about women as compared to men, and the use of stock phrases that the paper overused when describing people:

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