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Donald Trump has just CANCELLED his UK Visit, blaming Barack Obama

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US President Donald Trump has cancelled his proposed visit to Britain amid worries of a monumental backlash against the trip from members of the UK public.

Trump had been scheduled to visit London next month in order to open the new £750m US embassy.

However, it is understood that rather than attending himself, Trump has decided to send his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson instead.

The notoriously self-conscious Trump reportedly made the decision not to visit Britain fearing that “the red carpet treatment” would not be rolled out for him.

The decision came after almost two million people had signed a petition calling for Trump’s visit to be cancelled – with the subject also being debated by MPs in Parliament.  

Furthermore, Trump’s strained relationship with the current UK Conservative government is also said to have played a part of his decision to cancel the visit.

Theresa May was forced to condemn the US President after he retweeted several posts from a notorious neo-Nazi organisation named Britain First.

Furthermore, the UK government also declared their condemnation for Trump’s hugely provocative decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – a matter which is reported to have angered the US President and strained the UK’s ‘Special Relationship’ with the US yet further.

However, Trump has since tweeted that the *actual* reason for the cancellation of his visit was in fact that he was simply not a “big fan” of the new US embassy in London.

Trump also strangely attempted to blame Barack Obama’s decision to sell the previous embassy for “peanuts” as a factor in his hastily arranged cancellation – this despite the fact that the decision to sell the Embassy came before Obama was elected in 2008.

And in news which will almost certainly spark the UK’s numerous anti-Trump protestors into further action, Theresa May is now said to be mulling plans for a State Visit later in the year.

The BBC reports that the Prime Minister is keen for ‘Mr Trump to have lunch with the Queen at Buckingham Palace’ during a proposed State Visit later on this year.

Given the massive scale of the backlash against the US President from members of the UK public when his initial visit was announced, it is almost certain that any future arrangements for Trump to visit Britain will only be announced publicly at very short notice in an attempt to stifle efforts to organise mass protests.

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